Be Smart Bookkeeping Services in Polson Montana Be Smart Bookkeeping in Polson Montana
Be Smart Bookkeeping Services in Polson Montana
Be Smart Bookkeeping Services in Polson Montana
Be Smart Bookkeeping Services in Polson Montana
Be Smart Bookkeeping Services in Polson Montana

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About Be Smart Bookkeeping

I have been working in the financial arena since 1990. As a college student studying English I spent a semester in Japan taking classes at the University of Maryland Pacific Far East campus in Yokosuka and teaching English conversation. As the teaching job was part time I also got a part time job at an American military bank and discovered something I never thought I would. I enjoyed banking far more than teaching! Too late to change majors without adding more years on to my education I opted to finish the program, graduating from Washington State University with a Bachelor's of Arts in English in 1993.

A month later I accepted a position with West One Bank in Moscow, Idaho and my career began. Throughout my eight year banking career I honed my skills first as a teller, than as a consumer loan processor, and finally as a commercial real estate loan administration officer at US Bank in Bellevue, Washington where I serviced clients with $100 million dollar real estate loan budgets. I loved the world of banking, but when my second child was born with a swallowing disorder and severe reflux disease I left that world for another far more challenging role: caring for an infant with significant health issues. Several years followed during which time my family relocated to my parents' home town of Polson, Montana, where my son's health greatly improved. I eventually took a job as bookkeeper for a surveying company and worked there quite happily for nearly three years.

Then, following the untimely death of my mother I found myself reflecting on my own life and my own mortality and came to a shocking conclusion. I had spent so much time on the business of existing that existing was really all I had been doing. Now raising three children as a single parent, I had become so engrossed with paying bills and 'getting by' that my life had become a routine: Work from 8:30AM 5PM, pick up kids, make dinner, homework, baths, bed, over, and over, and over. The worst thing was that the time I did have to spend with my children was not exactly quality time. Laundry needed to be done, toilets scrubbed, beds made. I decided to make a drastic change. I left my comfortable position in which I was guaranteed a paycheck and embarked on a real adventure: I founded Be Smart Bookkeeping, LLC!

Today, I am living life to the fullest, helping clients with their bookkeeping needs, getting out in the community by attending local events, and, best of all, spending quality time with my three, beautiful children who I have watched blossom into confident, secure youngsters. I love being in the financial arena and relish being able to help small (and large) businesses with their financial needs. I am able to provide on and off site services and sometimes work nights and weekends to accommodate my clients while working around baseball games and piano practice. I genuinely love what I do and love being able to provide my clients with a valuable service that will allow them to focus on what they do best: servicing their clients and providing excellent products and services.

Professional Affiliations

I am a member of the following groups and organizations:

American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

National Association of Professional Women

Polson Chamber of Commerce

Polson Elementary Parent Teacher Organization



Be Smart Bookkeeping Services in Polson Montana
Be Smart Bookkeeping Services in Polson Montana